Auburn-Cayuga County Emotional LeEarning & ReAdiness To Excel (ACCELERATE) Program
The Partnership's ACCELERATE program provides an innovative continuum of evidence-based programs and services in Auburn's center-based child care centers. The goals of this continuum are to: enhance the capacity of pre-school program educators to support at-risk children; introduce school- and family-based prevention programs that effectively promote the social, emotional, and behavioral competency skills of children; effectively address the service needs of children with developmental deficits by implementing validated child- and family-focused programs that occur in natural settings; and improve access to community services. ACCELERATE's core programs include child-centered play therapy, Child Parent Relationships (CPR), Pre-School Second Step, and EPIC (Every Person Influences Children) Parenting Skills workshops. (ACCELERATE Brochure)

Family Group Conferencing
Family Group Conferencing is a validated intervention designed to support and guide families, including extended family members, to provide their own resolutions when there is a risk of out of home placement. The model focuses on a family's strengths, resources, culture and relationships to encourage family members to assume more responsibility in providing care and protection for their children. (Brochure)

Intensive Supervision/Conditional Discharge Program (ISCD)
The Intensive Supervision/Conditional Discharge program is a therapeutic, community-based alternative program for children under the age of 16 who are at risk of placement in a youth detention facility or foster care. A team of mental health professionals and caseworkers uses evidence-based therapeutic and case management services to assist the identified youth and their families to meet the goal of reintegration into pro-social settings at school, home and the community. (ISCD Brochure for Cayuga County Family Court)

Lifelong Independence for Families on TANF (LIFT)
The Partnership for Results, Inc. in conjunction with Cayuga County Health and Human Services is offering an intensive case services program for certain families receiving Temporary Assistance for Need Families (TANF). The LIFT program provides assessment, case management, and coordinated service plans for all family members to promote self-sufficiency. (Brochure)

Mobile Outreach Services Team (MOST)
The Mobile Outreach Services Team (MOST) is comprised of clinicians trained to assess across mental health, substance abuse and other areas (using the Partnership’s Well-Being Assessment Instrument) in order to provide appropriate preventive and intervention treatment, to integrate services comprehensively (with the aid of the Partnership’s inter-agency database, CHARI), and to plan for follow-up services. Serving children and youth, the MOST clinicians are available during and after school hours and throughout the summer. (MOST Elementary School Brochure) (MOST-CSAT Brochure)

Multidimensional Family Support Program (MFS)
MFS is provided by the Partnership in collaboration with Cayuga County Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). It offers an intensive, clinically based program for families involved with HHS who have children that are: at risk of removal from their home to a higher level of care; at risk of removal from their current foster home to a higher level of care; transitioning out of custody back to their homes; transitioning from residential placement to home/foster home; needing support during their post adoption transitions. Each family is assigned a master's level clinician from the Partnership. The clinician and family collaborate to determine the best intervention and services that will support the family and allow the child to maintain his/her current placement. The clinician, who is trained in home-based interventions and multi-disciplinary family assessment, provides clinical intervention (Brochure)

PINS Prevention and Treatment Program (PPT)
The PINS Prevention and Treatment Program is a voluntary, community based service to provide assessment and treatment in natural settings to students in grades 6-12 who are either exhibiting behavioral problems and/or truancy issues in their schools which could result in filing a PINS diversion referral or who have been referred to Cayuga County Family Court. It is a collaborative treatment and case management approach for the student and the entire family that is geared to effectively address the factors that resulted in the presenting behavior. (PPT Brochure)

Resilience Project
The Resilience Project is a school-based prevention program. It is offered for students attending Kindergarten through 3rd grade. The Resilience Project helps to reduce social, emotional, and behavioral problems experienced by many children in their early years at school. Highly trained staff work one-on-one to help children strengthen their coping skills at school and at home. The goal is to promote academic success and positive child development. (Resilience Project Brochure)

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